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It excites me that no matter how much machinery replaces the horse, the work it can do is still measured in horsepower...even in this space age. And although a riding horse often weighs half a ton, and a big drafter a full ton, either can be led about by a piece of string if he has been wisely trained.  This to me is a constant source of wonder, and a challenge.
--Marguerite Henry  
Double R Saddletrees is glad to build saddle tree styles of any traditional nature.  Popular styles of slick forks include the Wade, our Douglas '38, and the 3B.  Swell Forks often requested have been the Association, Modified Association,Will James and many more. 

The Douglas '38 is a style of saddle tree that Rick Reed was able to develop some years ago.  Bob Douglas brought an old Hamley wade to Rick and asked for him to incorporate certain design elements into a new tree.  Shortening the fork leg was one of the predominate changes made.  It has since become a very popular style among Double R's regular customer
Front - 13 inch Will James, prior to being covered in bull hide, built out of four inch stock. The Gullet is 7.5 inches high and 6.5 inches wide.  Horn--3 high by 4 wide with a 23 degree pitch and a round and domed cap.
The same Will James in the hide.  Seat length was a 15 inch.  Cantle was 4.5 x 12.5 inch.  The front was tipped forward at 10 degree angle.
What about the materials used and other possible advantages to a Double R Saddletrees?  Currently we are using tulip poplar hardwood for it's strength and relatively low weight.  Once it has been constructed, then it is covered in the best quality rawhide available to us, 4-5 millimeters in thickness.  Saddle makers and riders alike have acknowledged this successful combination.

One characteristic of the Double R Saddletrees that has met with much success is the shape of the gullet.  A very neat, cone-shaped gullet that has been cleaned out nicely allows it to be lowered in height.  This creates a lower center of gravity and puts the saddle, and thus the rider, closer to the animal.  

What We Have To Offer
Would you like to order a Double R Saddletrees?  

All trees are $900 - shipping included

These are some things that will be asked.  (Click on the pictures above to view a diagram of what is listed below)

Front Style: (i.e. Wade, Douglas '38, or certain swell fork)
Swell width:
Fork Stock Thickness:
Gullet Height and Width:
Horn Height and Width:
Horn Cap Width and Angle of pitch:
Horn Cap shape-Flat or domed, Guadalajara or round
Bar Angle: (90, 92, 94, or 96 degree)
Seat Length:
Cantle Height and Width:

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Take a look at some of our work.  You're not expected to view them all, but they're here for those who are curious.  
Above is a Will James, below are is a variety of styles before and after the rawhide.

Click on them to see larger images